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Cleaning is quintessential to number of industries, particularly food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Quality is a paramount consideration. Quite often, the very existence of the business totally depends on it and cleaning is the key to maintaining it.

It is also a major economic consideration as it requires water, energy, chemicals, pollution treatment and productive time. Nonetheless, too frequently, cleaning operations are set empirically with no systematic scientific approach

Elodys International management team has extensive experience in improving industrial plants performance and environment . It comprises quite a unique combination of tools, methods and new technologies

nos activités

    • Cleaning operations optimization audits
    • Follow-up, progress tracking
    • CIP Engineering Projects
    • Guaranteed  performance contracts

    • Seminars on cleaning chemistry and techniques
    • Cleaning operations training

    • New installations
    • Contracted monitoring and performance guarantees
    • Reagents supply

    • Sensors supply
    • Start up
    • Follow up

l'actualité elodys

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    Elodys International change de logo
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    Elodys International vous accueille sur le salon Sud Agro Industries, du 20 au 22 juin, à Toulouse
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    Formation chimie des lavages
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